Come On, NYCC Attendees – Let's Not Fight Over Swag Bags

Come On, NYCC Attendees – Let’s Not Fight Over Swag Bags

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Rosilyne Bean writes from New York Comic Con 2017:

If you’ve been an attendee of NYCC this year, you’ve no doubt seen people walking around the con wearing their Syfy swag bags. For those who don’t know, a swag bag is what you toss your freebies, purchases, and goodies in while navigating the Javits Center. These bags are like gold to con-goers, and many will rush to the booths that typically give them out because they go fast.

What you don’t usually see are people fighting over them and hoarding them like I’ve been seeing with this year’s Syfy bags. I will admit these are some pretty nifty bags, especially with the backpack-style design that lets you wear them on your shoulders, in place of or over your existing backpack. As promotional items, these bags are excellent at catching your eye with their bright fluorescent colors. They are being given out in giant rolling containers downstairs in the autographing/queue hall area at the start of each day.

As cool as the swag is, I would like to remind people that it is just a bag. There will be more! Dark Horse is also one of the vendors giving out swag bags, so be sure and check out their booth. Many vendors will also give you free swag bags with any purchase. So please, do not swarm the staff or steal from your fellow con-goers, and enjoy your time at NYCC 2017. Also don’t forget to check out the Syfy fan lounge where you can grab a snack or t-shirt, play some arcade style video games or sit in a comfy beanbag chair and charge your electronics.

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