Microsoft Printed A Drawing Of Master Chief Riding A Scorpion On Every Xbox One X Because They Can

credit// unocero via Youtube

Because Microsoft have absolutely lost their damn minds, inside every single Xbox One X is an illustration of Master Chief riding a Scorpion, because Project Scorpio I guess? The image is found engraved on the console’s circuit board. Because Master Chief is Microsoft’s Mario, or well, the closest analogue anyway. Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra confirmed the existence of Tiny Master Chief to IGN this morning.

While you could simply be content with the existence of Tiny Chief, some people just cannot be happy with only the knowledge and instead must find him themselves. However, ripping open the back of your console to find mini Master Chief will void your warranty.

Which you may not want to do if you get one of the first consoles to roll off assembly lines because it is a Microsoft console launch. But if you’re going to get into your own console mods anyway, that fact probably won’t stop you anyway. The Xbox One X does come with some spiffy specs like a 12GB GDDR5 and 6 teraflop GPU, but that just isn’t enough for some people. Can’t please everybody.

Pre-orders for the One X console went live during Gamescom back in August, with the first consoles  shipping out on November 7th. So it’s just over a month until the wait is over.

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