Destiny 2 Is Bringing Back The Iron Banner And Prestige Raids

Destiny 2 Is Bringing Back The Iron Banner And Prestige Raids

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Destiny 2 players can all breathe a sigh of relief, the Iron Banner is back, as are Prestige Raids. So now your Destiny 2 offerings are exactly the same as the original Destiny, just better. And infinitely more painful.

In the wake of the completion of Destiny 2‘s first Faction Rally (which saw Dead Orbit coming out on top to the surprise of no one), Bungie has announced another set of additions coming to the game next week. In particular, the first Iron Banner event will be here. As always, the Banner will be featuring the return of Lord Saladin as overseer. It just isn’t the Iron Banner without Saladin.

The Iron Banner remains essentially the same  as in the previous game, but with a few significant changes. Combat will now be between two teams of four players, and level advantages have been removed, making combat about the ability of the players rather than the light level they’ve reached. In addition, the previous system of Bounties and Ranks have been replaced by a specific Iron Banner Engram. But basically, the Banner is back as we remember it.

The Iron Banner is still only open to players who have completed the game’s full campaign, and will once again provide rewards in the form of Iron Banner Tokens, along with daily and seasonal Milestones for determined players. There’s also the addition of some brand new, shiny-looking armor with the usual Iron Banner styling.

Hells yes, the #IronBanner is returning to #Destiny2 next week.

The first Iron Banner event will run October 10-17 – exact timings are available on Bungie’s original post.

The first Prestige Raid has also been announced, featuring a souped-up version of the Leviathan Raid. Bungie are clear in their update that they “do not expect everyone to be successful”, reaffirming that the Prestige Raid is intended more as a challenge than a progression booster, but that there will be rewards. They also promise that “World First will be counted”, but don’t give any further details. The Raid goes live Tuesday October 10 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / Wednesday October 11, 4am AEST.

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