Dead By Daylight Want To Expand Their Original Content To Reflect Their Player Base

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While Behavior Interactive are certainly excited by fan reception to the addition of Leatherface as a killer in Dead by Daylight, they’re looking forward to bringing more of their original content to the game in the coming months as things continue.

I got a chance to sit down and chat with Mathieu Cote at New York Comic Con and spend some time discussing recent changes to the game. While the addition of Leatherface is something the team was excited about, especially to get licensing for the version of the iconic killer that they wanted to bring to the game. “You don’t get more iconic than that,” Cote said about the original 1974 film and Gunnar Hansen’s legendary portrayal of the murderous, child-like Bubba.

And while Cote was excited that “fans really embraced Leatherface as a solo addition,” which was a new tactic for Behavior Interactive, it is the possibilities of the future that Cote is most looking forward to. “Now we can bring in solo survivors, and there are plenty of survivors that we want to bring in… who have gone through terrible things and really made an impact,” which means we might be seeing some more licensed characters being introduced.

However, Cote was quick to interject that it was the team’s own fiction that was going to be the driving force of the game. With nine killers to date, seven of them were created by Behavior Interactive — a pretty solid ratio, and probably a good reflection of what we’ll see soon. And they’ll definitely be a bit more like the Huntress than the Nurse or Trapper.

Cote continued: “We have tons of fans worldwide… a large player base in China, Russia, and eastern Europe and South America which have their own mythology and folklore,” which the team really wants to try their hand at. The Huntress, and indeed the entire ‘A Lullaby for the Dark’ expansion are based on Russian myths around the Baba Yaga. “We were most surprised at how positive the reaction was to the Huntress.”

So we will definitely be seeing more intense original content coming from the Behavior team, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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