Here’s The Swag Retailers Got At The Diamond Breakfast At NYCC

Retailers who attended the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con today were able to take away a shedload of free swag, just for turning up and listening to publisher presentations. This isn’t the half of it, either — a few more bags worth will be sent directly to their individual stores as a thank-you.

I get the feeling that Doomsday Clock shirt will be quite the product to wear at the show. The Berger Books preview is probably a must, too. Damn it, if only I was there.

If you too are feeling hard done by, see if your friendly local retailer was at the show. You never know — there may be a surprise waiting for you.

Or go to eBay, One of the two.

This is all coming out of Diamond’s Retailer Breakfast ahead of New York Comic Con, happening today. You can catch up with any other Retailer Breakfast announcements here.

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