[Breaking] Saladin Ahmed Receiving First Creator-Owned Series From BOOM!

Saladin Ahmed's Black Bolt series, art by Christian Ward
Saladin Ahmed’s Black Bolt series, art by Christian Ward

Saladin Ahmed, well-known for his acclaimed Black Bolt series by Marvel Comics and his book  Throne of the Crescent Moon is receiving his first creator-owned series by BOOM! Studios “Discover Yours” panel. It was announced at a NYCC Boom! Studios panel today.

The series is called Abbot, and it will be done with artist Sami Kivela. It’s slated to come out in January of 2018. The tagline is “Evil lurks in the shadows. It’s her job to drag it into the light.”

BOOM! Panel announcing Saladin Ahmed's title
BOOM! Panel announcing Saladin Ahmed’s title

To mindlessly speculate, it looks like something of a detective title with some supernatural elements thrown in with the main character, possible named Abbott, doing the detective and supernatural fighting. No story details have been released yet though, so we’ll see for sure in January.

Ahmed’s work on Black Bolt has been really good, so I do hope that this one follows it up well.

Saladin Ahmed's Abbott
Saladin Ahmed’s Abbott

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