Arrow Season 6: Stephen Amell Talks A More Mature Arrow

Stephen Amell has been talking about the new season of Arrow and some of the changes. He is coming out of a fifth season which he calls the best since season one. With the sixth season we have a new dynamic as Oliver now has his son William (Jack Moore), has reestablished a connection with Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) and there’s an evil version of Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy)… and no more regular flashbacks. Amell talked with TVLine about the upcoming series and these are some of the highlights.

Amell, who made it clear that he wasn’t thrilled with season four, says the fifth season came from a dinner he had with Greg Berlanti where they talked about dong what Arrow does best:

If we’re going to do this show, let’s really do it. Let’s be morally ambiguous with the characters and make it more three-dimensional and put killing back on the table, let’s move away from trying to be like everyone else. Let’s focus on being Arrow.

On the return of Slade to the man he was before the Mirakuru:

He was a character that was under the influence of something. So now we are back, Oliver believes, to the version of Slade that we met in Season 1. There are certain things that you cannot un-see, and certain things that you cannot undo. So I can think that he is honorable, and I can look to him for help, and I can maybe even trust him, but I can’t really forgive him. Which doesn’t mean that I’m angry, just again — certain things you can’t un-see.

On the relationship between Oliver and FBI agent Samanda Watson (Sydelle Noel):

Oliver can’t so much as open his mouth to say boo without her bulls–t detector going off. She is thoroughly and utterly convinced of exactly what he is, and the ironic and funny thing about that is, of course, she’s precisely right.

On having the Earth-2 Laurel around and what that means to Oliver:

Oliver is, ironically, the most hopeful one despite the fact that she allied herself with Adrian Chase. “If there’s a bit of Laurel in there, I want to find it.” He’s more empathetic to the struggles for [Quentin] Lance, you know, and anyone that has a history with Laurel. He knows that [Black Siren] is not a good person necessarily, but he hopeful that there’s something in there.

And on if he still can see a future for Oliver and Felicity:

Well yeah, of course, because Oliver’s a package deal now. It’s Oliver and William, right? So yeah, there are definitely places where we can take it.

And finally, on what we can expect from this years crossover:

This year it is a four-hour movie. The note that I got when I was speaking with one of our producers is, “When you tune in, aside from the opening graphic, stylistically, if you didn’t know what order the shows were in, you shouldn’t be able to tell.” Like, it’s just one through line.

Arrow returns on it’s new night and time, Thursday October 12th at 9 PM on the CW.


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