Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Shoes Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Diesel Shoes has teamed up with Capcom to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter. The shoes will be limited edition, and will feature some of the games most famous characters: Ryu, Chun Li, Nash, M. Bison, and Birdie. The color schemes are on point, as well. The soles of the shoes even have the names of their attacks, which is pretty damn awesome:

Ryu: Denjin / Hadoken
Chun Li: Spinning / Birdkick
Nash: Sonic / Boom
M. Bison: Psycho / Power
Birdie: Horn / Bull

The shoes clock in at $200, so if you have the extra cash, why not? Diesel shoes are really comfortable, and the pairs I have are well made and sturdy. Much like anything else, as long as you take care of the item, they will last you a while. Happy shopping, Street Fighter fans!

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