Google Brings Back Pac-Man For The Company’s 19th Birthday

In case you didn’t know, today is Google’s 19th birthday. Yes, everyone’s favorite search engine is old enough to vote and then some. In celebration of their birthday, Google is bringing back 19 of their most beloved Doodle games and Search easter eggs in a “surprise spinner,” which choses one game at random for you. And no, you cannot trick the spinner, sorry. No cheat codes here, but if you find a way to input the Konami code into it, do let us know. We’re always looking for ancient game cheat code references.

The 19 games in the spinner include the Pac-Man doodle, which is the company’s most memorable Google Doodle game.¬†The browser version of the arcade game was the¬†featured Doodle in 2010, in honor of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary. If you do the math on that, Pac-Man is about 37 years old.

As detailed by Google, the spinner can be accessed by simply searching “Google birthday surprise spinner.” It will likely be one of the top searches, so it should be relatively easy to find.

Other “surprises” include tic-tac-toe; a collection of animal sounds; a version of cricket in which you play as a cricket; and Google Search’s latest Easter egg, which is something like a modern take on the classic mobile game Snake. You can let the spinner select these at random for you, or keep spinning until you get the one that you want (which we know is Pac-Man, don’t lie to us). If you do want to play a specific game, all you need to do is search the name of that game, and it’ll pop right up as the top result on the search page.

In addition to being featured in a playable Google Doodle, Pac-Man was integrated into Google maps back in 2015. Ms. Pac-Man was featured in Google maps this past March.

In more recent Pac-Man news, the arcade classic is coming to the world of competitive gambling as Pac-Man Battle Casino.

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