What Were The Hot Books At Baltimore Comic-Con 2017?

What Were The Hot Books At Baltimore Comic-Con 2017?

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Baltimore Comic-Con is known for its amazing comic book selection. Dealers from all over the US haul in their wares, and there are in fact deals to be had. I left the show with an Aquaman #1 and an Archie’s Mad House #22, which I got for some great prices.

Frank Miller books were hot on Friday of the show, due to Miller being there to sign books. Deadpool, Amazing Fantasy 15, Fantastic Four, and Black Panther books were also popular books people were picking up. A few dealers were surprised at how soft Harley Quinn books were currently, especially with the 25th anniversary upon us.

Horror books were also a big sell, but it could also be that Halloween is around the corner. I did see some beautiful books at Dave and Adam, as well as Greg Reece’s booth, and if you were looking for deals, this was the con to do it.

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