Ask For Mercy: A New Comic From Richard Starkings And Abz-J-Harding

Posted by September 26, 2017 Comment

At Thought Bubble in Leeds last weekend, I did one of my quick runaround the marquees and halls of the show, including coming across Richard Starkings, sitting next to Abz-J-Harding — or Abigail Harding — in the Leeds Town Hall Marquee.

We recently mentioned that Starkings’ series Elephantmen — for which Harding contributed art for an issue last year, Elephantmen #72 — was coming to an end in December with issue 80, as he had long promised.

But Starkings confirmed that it is not the end for Elephantmen and that the characters, the comic, will return — in some form. And that he has a new project with Harding, a six-issue comic book series called Ask For Mercy. He won’t say where or when…

You can see the evidence below.

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