Bungie Hints Toward Adding Private Matches In 'Destiny 2'

Bungie Hints Toward Adding Private Matches In ‘Destiny 2’

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Private matches were not an automatic thing in Destiny 2, much like how they weren’t a part of the first game for about three years until Bungie got around to adding better PvP capabilities so players could make whatever matches they wanted to without any restrictions or guidelines. So, of course, people were a little annoyed to see history repeat itself when the sequel came out and those options were suddenly gone again. Thankfully, this time around, there won’t be as long of a wait. Keen eyes have pointed out this screenshot, which is making the rounds today, showing some specific options.

credit//Anthony Taormina‏ – GameRant

This is an image from the new Tower with three specific screens. On each one, you’ll see an icon that matches multiplayer options: One of them for Quickplay, one of them for Competitive, and one of them for Private. In essence, Bungie is teasing that the system is coming, even if it hasn’t been implemented yet. Of course, it’s just a screenshot and there’s no info to back it up or any formal announcement, but if you were one of the designers at Bungie and you wanted to assure keen Destiny 2 players that the option was coming, that’s the best way to take care of it.

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