The Young Animal Panel At Thought Bubble 2017 With Gerard Way – And Friends (VIDEO)

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The Young Animal Panel ran to a packed house in Thought Bubble in Leeds yesterday, possibly slightly to do with the presence of a certain Gerard Way, showrunner of the DC Comics imprint. But he was joined by Jamie Rich, Jody Houser, Cecil Castellucci, Nick Derington, Tommy Lee Edwards, Marley Zarcone and John Rivera. And they had lots to say – including the announcement of a new Mother Panic series with Houser and Edwards…

Young Animal is an imprint of DC Comics founded in 2016. It was developed in collaboration with Gerard Way, and its main focus is to relaunch characters and settings from the DC Universe in stories for mature readers, done with a more experimental approach than DC’s primary line of superhero comics. The line is overseen by Vertigo group editor Jamie S. Rich and executive editor Mark Doyle.

Titles include:

Shade, the Changing Girl – by Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone based on the earlier Vertigo series Shade, the Changing Man. It is about an alien who is obsessed with a discontinued line of missions to Earth using a “Madness Cloak”. She takes and uses it, and becomes stuck on Earth, waking up in the body of a girl, a high school bully who had been in a coma after nearly drowning in a lake.

Mother Panic – by Jody Houser and Tommy Lee Edwards about Violet Paige, a temperate girl that no one suspects to be keeping gigantic secrets from everyone, who seeks revenge onto her privileged peers.

Doom Patrol – by Gerard Way and Nick Derington is another series from DC featuring “freak” heroes. The protagonist is Casey Brinke, an EMT who can only remember impossible things from her childhood. She is introduced into Dannyland, a seemingly impossible place that has the answers to her past and her future.

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye by Jon Rivera, Gerard Way, and Michael Avon Oeming is a revival of DC’s underground explorer Cave Carson. Twelve years after retirement, he joins his daughter Chloe in adventures, stealing his old digging machine and setting forth on a wacky adventure involving cults, mushrooms, and Superman.

Bug: The Adventures of Forager by Lee Allred, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred is based on the 1970s Jack-Kirby-created character Forager.

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