Not Another Zombie Comic

Not Another Zombie Comic

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Dave Dwonch writes,

Prom of the Dead is the furthest thing from your average zombie comic. Really, I mean it. Readers who are familiar with my previous works like Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab, Infinite Seven, and Double Jumpers know that I love talking genres and flipping them into something personal and unique, and I think Prom of the Dead is no different in that regard.

For those of you who don’t know me or what I do, hello! I’m Dave Dwonch. I’ve been writing comics for over a decade. I’m also the former the Creative Director and President of Action Lab Entertainment, and worked as editor on books like Princeless and a slew of other titles. I also REALLY hate talking about myself unless I’ve been drinking, but thankfully that is the case, so bear with me whilst I continue.

Other things to know about me: I unapologetically love TV teen dramas, bad zombie movies, and crappy hair metal; the worse the better. While nearly impossible to capture the latter in comic form, it truly was all three muses that put me on the path to writing Prom. My best work comes from my own experiences (See Bleeding Cool’s Death and Taxis article), so I mined my own highschool memories for the book. Unfortunately (fortunately?) what I came back with was a lot of awkward moments, painful heartbreak, and a vision of a future clouded by self-doubt. Super dark, I know…


I wasn’t necessarily an unpopular kid, but I was definitely a comic nerd in a time when that was still grounds for bullying. Coupled with the fact that my parents wanted me to become an engineer when all I wanted to do was draw Spider-Man and, well, you get the picture. It was a frustrating time, and one I’m sure isn’t too dissimilar from the audience I hope to capture with Prom. I came out of highschool with a handful of strong, enduring friendships, but in writing Prom of the Dead I’ve had to ask myself, “At that pivotal time in our lives, would our friendships have lasted in the apocalypse?” If any of my friends are reading this, I’m sure we would all answer resolutely, “Yes.” But we’ll thankfully never know. I think it’s an interesting question though, and one that will be explored through Erika, Christina, Cooper and the rest of the cast. I think that the journey towards the answer will be a sometimes funny, terrifying rollercoaster ride, and one that not every character will survive.

Prom of the Dead is the first of three graphic novels in the Spores series, and while this volume starts simply enough, friendships will be tested, lessons will be learned, and if they live through the experience, they’ll be forever changed. Sort of just like highschool.

To help make this project a reality, visit Kickstarter and pre-order the graphic novel, exclusive #1 issue, shirts and a gaggle of other great rewards! 

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