Ramjet Joins The Battle In 'Transformers: Forged To Fight'

Ramjet Joins The Battle In ‘Transformers: Forged To Fight’

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Ramjet is making quite the grand entrance into the Transformers mobile game Forged to Fight. The game is available in various app stores and features RPG style gameplay and bots from the 30-year history of the franchise. I have the game on my phone, and was shocked how much time I actually spend playing it. It got me addicted to mobile games, which both infuriates me and brings me joy.

Ramjet Transformers Forged To Fight

Ramjet is not only a favorite of mine, but a bot fans should be excited to add to their squads. Here are his Stats:



Health: 1854

Attack: 147

Max Rating: 554


Health: 4553

Attack: 309

Max Rating: 1300


Health: 11834

Attack: 802

Max Rating: 3436



Ramjet builds momentum after ramming opponents.

· Ramjet has a 50% chance to gain a permanent Special Bonus Buff that increases Special Attack Damage by 2~10% each. The chance to gain the Buff increases by 3% for each Special Bonus Buff already on him. [Max 10 Buffs]


Special 1 – Missile Volley

Ramjet unleashes a barrage of rockets from his chest.

·         40~60% Chance per hit to inflict up to four Burns that deal 20~35% attack as heat damage over 5 seconds.

 Special 2 – Rocket Blaster

A blast of heat followed by a sudden impact is guaranteed to leave an opponent dizzy.

·         80~100% Chance per hit to inflict Burn, dealing 40~60% attack as heat damage over 4 seconds.

·         72~80% Chance to cause Stun for 3 seconds.

 Special 3 – Dive Bomb

You can run but you cannot hide from Ramjet’s reckless abandon.

·         80~100% chance to stun the opponent for 2 seconds.

·         100% chance to inflict a 25% Resistance Down for 30 seconds.

Ramjet Transformers Forged To Fight 2

One of the developers from Kabam had this to say about the character and gave some tips on how to best use him:

“Ramjet is designed to be an easy bot to use, almost all of his Special Attacks are guaranteed to leave his opponent’s Stunned, Burnt, or both. He doesn’t just like smashing into enemies, he loves it, and to that end he becomes Unstoppable while using Heavy Attacks, ensuring he wins any (and all) head-on collisions.

You’ll want to pair Ramjet with his boss Starscream to enable the powerful Seeker synergy. When paired with Motormaster, both bots will share their cool destructive abilities with each other. Ramjet is going to have trouble dealing with Tech bots like Mirage that stifle his Power Gain or those like Rhinox that Shield themselves against his potent Special Attacks.”

You can get more info on Ramjet and the game itself right here.

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