Our Bold Predictions For Gotham Season 4

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Tonight we finally get to watch the season 4 premiere of Gotham. This is a series that looked like it was going to be a police procedural set in Batman’s world, but after a while the show writer’s took off the restrictions and by season 2 we had full on crazy in progress. If you look at the show like an Elseworlds that involves all the people from the Batman universe but not in exactly the same way, it becomes a lot of fun. This is a Gotham where Jim Gordon is taking on the Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, Firefly, Azrael, the Executioner, the Mad Hatter and the rest while Bruce Wayne has a crush on Selina Kyle and is fighting acne.


The absurdity is what makes this show work and the fact that we think we know what is going to happen next, but we don’t. I mean, who saw Butch Gilzean becoming Solomon Grundy? With the forth season kicking off, here are a couple of predictions of what we might see this year.

Barbara Kean/Harley Quinn

This one might seem obvious, but we’re going to see Barbara Kean drift closer and closer to being Harley Quinn. I think it’s likely they will team her up with Jerome, who is basically the Joker without having called himself that. They’ve been taking Barbara down the path of mental instability for a while now and, after her near death experience at the end of season 3, I think she will be even more unstable – since we’ve been told that we’ll meet Harley this season this it only makes sense that Barbara will make this transition.

Oswald Cobblepot

Oswald Cobblepot will settle in as the king of Gotham for a while. The Penguin has been on quite a rollercoaster ride through the first three seasons – climbing his way to the top only to get knocked down. I think we’ll see a bit more of the ruthless, conniving Oswald we met in season one. However, I suspect that he and the Riddler will put aside their differences; they won’t be friends, but they won’t be actively trying to kill each other… for a while at least.

Bruce Wayne

By the end of the season, Bruce will take on his first costumed villain and will likely be saving Gordon in the process. Bruce will likely have some set backs along the way, but at some point he’ll take a leap up against a villain out of his league and win. It won’t be the decisive win that Batman would have, but it will be enough to show Alfred and Gordon the potential he has.

I don’t think this battle will be against one of the villain’s we’ve already met, though, I think it will be someone brought in to be Bruce’s first. Maybe a minor rogue or DC villain that Bruce can beat and be done with. They will bring in the character long enough to make them a legitimate threat, but once he’s defeated he’ll go away.

Butch Gilzean/Solomon Grundy

When Butch aka Cyrus Gold comes out of the swamp as Solomon Grundy, I expect that he will become enamored with Ivy and become a form of hired muscle for Penguin, which would bring the character full circle. Writers seem to like to have Grundy infatuated with a woman and they like having Ivy leading a brute around… remember Bane from Batman Forever? Otherwise you’d have a mostly mindless creature hiding out somewhere in the city.

New Characters

And finally, I think one of two things will happen in Season 4: we’ll either find out that Jim is going to be a father and we’ll get the first hints at Batgirl, or we’ll see the seeds being sewn for the introduction of Dick Grayson. Neither will join the show, but one of them will be mentioned.

Gotham returns tonight at 8 PM on Fox.

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