Squirrel Girl Doth Protest Too Much About Not Being In Secret Empire

Posted by September 19, 2017 Comment

A couple of years ago, before Steve Rogers declared that he was all Hail Hydra, the Eisner Award-winning The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Ryan North and Erica Henderson saw it all coming.

To be fair, the comedy comics have had a history of predicting upcoming events by dint of coming up with the most ludicrous thing that could happen, and then adding time. But during Secret Empire, the Squirrel Girl comic book was not an active participant.

Indeed, in the intro pages, she used her tail to throw some considerable shade in its general direction, from helping out in the Savage Land protecting the very survival of the dinosaurs there. And she wanted to point this out to Spider-Man on social media:

And while a few people delighted in her attitude in not deigning to take part in a crossover that had received considerable criticism from several corners for glorifying fascism, the managed to miss that, no, actually, Squirrel Girl was indeed getting down and dirty with Hydra over in Paris, courtesy of the exiled U.S.Avengers.

And speaking French while she was at it. Un petit pois.

Maybe she just didn’t want Spider-Man to know that she had succumbed, abandoned the Savage Land, and was helping out the French. And creating brand new superhero allegiance that didn’t include Spider-Man?

Or maybe, just maybe, the Squirrel Girl who appears in her ongoing series is a different Squirrel Girl from the one that appears in U.S.Avengers. You know, that might appease some folk.

Squirrel Girl will appear in tomorrow’s U.S.Avengers, too, in a storyline that proves that Secret Empire is not over — it keeps on keeping on…

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