A Quick Promo Video For The Return Of The Arrowverse

The CW is kicking off their new seasons of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow starting October 9th. They’ve come up with this fun promo video to remind you. But it’s more than just the Arrowverse returning. — that’s also the week shows like Riverdale and Supernatural return.


I like the fact that the calendar from Star City Insurance. How freaking high must their premiums be? Season 5 was the first time that Star City, formerly Starling, wasn’t in danger. Earthquake machines in Season 1. Mirakuru soldiers in Season 2. League of Assassins in Season 3. Damien Darhk and nuclear weapons in Season 4. Is there an “act of super-villain” clause? Maybe the policies only cover June through April? It might explain why the calendar looks so generic, the company has no money.

And it wouldn’t be any better in Central City or National City. Heck, auto insurance policies have to be through the roof with the Flash speeding buy shattering car windows all the time. Racing against Reverse-Flash, Zoom, the Rival and Savitar might look cool, but what about that poor guy that gets up the next morning to find the window on his Kia has been blown out. I would’ve moved to Bludhaven a long time ago. Sure, you end up with a few footprints on the roof of your car and a couple dings from batons, but not the rampant damage you see in other cities.

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