The Highlights From This Week's ComicConnect Event Auction

Wow! What a week it has been for comic collectors. ComicConnect has had some real heavy hitters in their auction this week, and there has been something for everyone. I myself won a new Archie #1, finally filling the gaping hole in my cold, dead heart. Over the next few posts we'll highlight some of the most impressive prices that were realized during this auction.

All American Comics #16 6.5; $36,002 ow slight restoration
Fantastic Comics #3 5.5 (third highest graded) $44,500; crm/ow pages
More Fun Comics #61 9.4 (second highest graded) $16,250 crm/ow pages
More Fun Comics #73 6.5 $18,600 ow/white pages slight restoration
Seven Seas Comics #6 9.4 $25,000 white pages
Startling Comics #49 8.0 $13,001 crm/ow pages
Strange Tales #110 8.5 $12,866 ow/white pages
Thrilling Comics #5 9.4 $5,200 white pages
Thrilling Comics #19 9.6 $6,200 ow/white pages
Weird Science #29 9.6 $18,200 ow/white pages

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