Superman To Set Out To Prove The Identity Of Mr Oz (Spoilers)

Superman To Set Out To Prove The Identity Of Mr Oz (Spoilers)

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In the most recent issue of Action Comics #987 by Dan Jurgens and Victor Bogdanovic (doing a remarkable impression of Greg Capullo, it seems, with a little help from Jonathan Glapion), we discovered the identity of Mr Oz. Or, at least, the identity he wants Superman to believe.

Although Bleeding Cool was first to name Jor-El as where the comic book was heading, as we got closer to the revelation, it seemed more and more like a feint, a distraction — a sleight of hand. That’s when we seized on the possibility that it may be Roz-Em, the identical Kryptonian to Jor-El, mixed up with Amos Amoswell, the technomage who freed him from the Phantom Zone.

The jury is still out on that. But Superman isn’t sure, either. And in December, will be setting off on a time-travelling mission with Booster Gold to probe for the truth.

“Booster Shot” is a two-part story from Dan Jurgens and (yay!) Steve Pugh in Action Comics #993 and #994, as we get closer and closer to a certain number…

Francis Manupul’s cover to Action Comics #992… also drawn by Pugh. (Thanks Erik)

While in Batman #36 and #37 from Tom King and Joelle Jones, the story “Superfriends” looks at how Batman and Superman regard each other, what frightens them about the other, and what will tear the spoiled rich boy and the naive farm boy apart.

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