R.M. Guera's "Second Best Interview Ever"… Would Lee Loughbridge Agree? (UPDATE)

Rajko Milošević aka R.M. Guéra is a Serbian comic book creator and lives in Barcelona. He is probably best known in the US for drawing Scalped, writtern by Jason Aaron for DC/Vertigo.

He recently conducted an interview with a Spanish site. which he introduced to his Facebook followers as "the second best interview I ever had". With the headline "You have to be honest with yourself. It's the only way to go forward", he delivers on that.


Here are a few snippets, with translation from friend-of-Bleeding Cool, J. Antonio Fraga. And first on Giulia Brusco, his colourist on Scalped. Well, for most of it.

"Y Giulia, no me quiero olvidar, llegó porque los primeros números de Scalped tienen un problema grave de color. Lee Loughridge es una de las pocas personas que he despedido en mi vida. Me parece que se asustó un poco de mi dibujo, no sabía qué hacer.  Llegó un punto… en un tiroteo en una granja con la pradera que parecían neones, confundía las sombras… es que no lo entendía…. Giulia ya sabe lo que mi dibujo necesita. Va totalmente libre. Mientras yo viva tendrá trabajo."

"Giulia (Brusco), lest I forget, came because the first issues of Scalped have a serious coloring problem. Lee Loughridge is one of the few people I have fired in my life. I think he got a little scared of my art, he didn't know what to do. It came to a point… there's a shooting scene in a farm where the prairie looks like neon lights, he misplaced the shadows… he just didn't get it. Giulia knows what my art needs. She has a total free reign. As long as I live she won't be unemployed."

"El lirismo, la poesía. Esta contando algo sin que sea obvio, algo que podemos llamar arte…. Yo quería buscar algo así en cómic. Es un riesgo, no se qué me espera en cada página, no sé si la voy a superar, si no… pero vale la pena…. Y estos aspectos me faltan. Me falta gente que lo intente también. Los hay que van un poco por ese camino… Balas perdidas de David Lapham… el arte es mediocre pero la serie es genial. Jason dijo "Si no estás leyendo Balas perdidas ¿Para qué tienes ojos?"

"Lyricism, poetry. Telling a story without being obvious, something we can call Art.

I want to find something like that in a comic. It's a risk, each new page is unexpected, I don't know if I can make it art not, but it's worth it.

And I miss this kind of thing. I miss people who try. Some people go that way, like Stray Bullets by David Lapham… the art is mediocre but the book is genius. Jason (Aaron) says: "if you're not reading Stray Bullets, what do you have eyes for?"

What indeed, RM, what indeed. Enjoy the rest here…

UPDATE: Editor Will Dennis  responds,

technically, I fired Lee….and it wasn't a big drama. Guera's art is complicated and he has incredibly pronounced ideas about how to color it. Lee was a total pro about it and it was better for both of them to pull the cord at that early stage. also Giulia Brusco is a fucking saint. hahah Love them all…
Will Dennis
Scalped editor (among other things…)

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