My Nerd Home: Harry Potter-Inspired Scents From Hairy Kiri Designs

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This past weekend at Potterverse, the brand new Harry Potter convention, I came across a booth called Hairy Kiri Designs. They were selling Harry Potter-inspired bath and cosmetic products, among other nerd franchise-inspired items. I loved everything immediately. They make a wide variety of products, including solid perfume, lip balm, shaving cream, body butter, body wash, and more.

Since I was in the Harry Potter mood, I picked up the Patronus Body Wash, Butterbeer body cream, Butterbeer lip balm, and the Ravenclaw solid perfume. Everything cost $20 total, which is a deal for handmade items.

Every ingredient is tested to make sure it wont cause you to break out, which is excellent for me. I have sensitive skin (and eczema) and I try to keep it at bay. I tried all of the products as soon as I got home, and I’m kicking myself for not buying more. The body wash is gentle, and leaves a beautiful clean scent behind. The body butter smells like Butterbeer, and kept my skin soft for a good, long while. The Ravenclaw perfume is a good solid perfume, though my boyfriend thinks it smells like baby powder. The lip balm is also excellent, and you won’t need to re-apply it all the time.

It’s been a few days that I’ve been using the items, and nothing has made me break out. No itching, no hives — just normal skin. If you’re thinking of buying some stuff form Hairy Kiri, I urge you to do so. These things won’t let you down!

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