Lauren Loves Disney: New Fall Treats At Walt Disney World

It’s fall! Pumpkins! Apples! Spooky things! Yes, I know. It’s not technically fall yet. But let a girl dream. Disney Parks Blog has recently unveiled the newest treats available to those visiting the Disney World resort this season, and wow, everything looks amazing.

At first glance, the skulls are my favorites. There are two sizes: small and large. The skulls are made of 65% dark chocolate, with the smaller ones filled with salted caramel ganache, while the larger ones will be hollow. They are brushed with a bronze deco powder, to give them that shiny, eerie look. I also really like the chocolate ganache squares, but I’m a sucker for skeletons.

These sweet treats will be available at The Ganachery in Disney Springs starting September 29th, and running through October.

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