Want To Break Into Comics? Buy Your Way In With IDW’s Full Bleed Kickstarter

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A constant discussion in comics is how an aspiring comics industrialist can break into the industry. Nary a day passes in Comicdom without dozens of industry insiders affirmatively retweeting some comic creator’s tweet thread about breaking into comics. “Just make comics,” is the typical advice offered, amongst other platitudes. “Keep trying.” “Write or draw every day.” “Try being born a straight white cisgender man.” “Don’t criticize comics; only current industry creators are allowed to be dicks on social media.” All of that is good advice for breaking into comics, for sure.

But screw all that hard work. Hard work is for chumps! Thanks to IDW, you can just buy your way in now.

IDW is offering two opportunities to break into comics by pledging to the Kickstarter for its new comics and culture hardcover magazine, Full Bleed. You’ll have your choice of breaking into comics journalism, an exciting job that entails turning press releases into EXCLUSIVE content and asking comic book creators and editors polite questions they approve of beforehand, or breaking into the exciting world of comics publishing by working as an intern. And all you have to do is pay them more than you’re likely to make in a single month from either profession for at least a decade!

That’s right, for the reasonable cost of just two thousand dollars, you — yes, you — can interview Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman in an upcoming issue of Full Bleed! Ask him anything you want (presumably as long as IDW, the publisher of both Full Bleed and TMNT, is okay with it). IDW will then sell your interview as part of the Full Bleed Volume 2 Kickstarter project with a goal of $50,000, of which you won’t see a cent! It’s the comics industry in microcosm. Brilliant!

But if you want to skip the whole comics journalism phase of breaking into comics and get right to the good stuff, IDW will do you one better. For three thousand dollars, you can work as an unpaid intern at IDW for one entire day, helping to put together Full Bleed Vol. 2 at IDW’s Portland offices. This is the kind of invaluable experience college grads literally fight to the death Hunger Games style to obtain, and you can have it all to yourself for a measly three thousand bucks. IDW doesn’t mention anything about whether this could possibly lead to a full time unpaid intern gig, but hey, crazier things have happened, right? You’d be fool not to try.

Head on over to the Full Bleed Kickstarter page to take advantage of these offers. The Eastman interview package is restricted to just one backer, but there’s no limit listed on the number of people who can sign up to pay IDW $3,000 for the privilege of donating their free labor in servitude to comics. Truly, there has never been a clearer path to break into comics, so don’t miss out! Sign up today!

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