UDON To Reprint Original Street Fighter Comics In 99 Cent Reloaded Editions

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Environmentally conscious UDON has embraced the concept of recycling, announcing a re-release of their original Street Fighter series as Street Fighter Reloaded.

What’s old is new again. There comes a time in the life cycle of every object of entertainment when it goes from being obsolete to retro. We first witnessed this concept in the late 1990s, when the used video game industry started to explode. At first, stores like Funcoland offered old Nintendo cartridges for pennies. A store, we thought, that sells old video games for dirt cheep? We knew what we had to do.

We remember distinctly the joy we felt at purchasing a copy of Super Mario/Duck Hunt for less than a dollar, taking it outside into the parking lot, and running it over with our car, all-the-while visualizing that god damn dog and all the times it laughed at us for failing to shoot the god damn ducks. The satisfaction at finally exacting our long-delayed vengeance on that gleeful canine who took such pleasure in our inadequacy and tormented our formative years is a feeling we’ll cherish until our dying day.

But it wasn’t long after that before retro video games started to transform from junk sold for pennies into nostalgia-fueled collectors’ items, and now you can find pristine copies of Duck Hunt on ebay for upwards of $500 .(Though you can still buy a junky cheap one if you feel the need to destroy it. Go ahead. You know you want to.)

The point is, UDON’s Street Fighter series was originally released back in 2003, and while if you found one in the quarter bin yesterday, and you found the Street Fighter video game very frustrating back in the day, you might be tempted to bring it outside the comic shop and light it on fire.

But wait!

There’s a sign that we’re reaching the point where there’s new value in these old comics. UDON, at least, seems to think so, as they’re re-releasing the 2003 series as a six-issue mini-series called Street Fighter Reloaded. And sure, the comics are priced at just $.99 right now, but this is potentially only the beginning. At some point, these reprints will be nostalgia-fueled collector’s items.

What we’re saying is, think twice before you run these comics over with your car in November.

The press release is below:


New 99-cent series re-releases UDON’s first Street Fighter™ comic stories

TORONTO, ONTARIO – September 12, 2017 – Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Street Fighter™ fighting game franchise, UDON’s very first comic story returns this November as a value-priced 6-issue mini-series! For only 99 cents an issue, fans who’ve never read these classic tales can see how Ryu, Guile, Ken, and Chun-li first began their journeys to becoming true World Warriors!

STREET FIGHTER™ RELOADED is a re-release of UDON’s original Street Fighter comic series STREET FIGHTER™ (2003) #1-6. This is the series that started UDON’s venture into publishing nearly 15 years ago. Written by Ken Siu-Chong, main story artwork is provided by artists Arnold Tsang (now Lead Character Concept Artist on Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch) and Alvin Lee (now Principal Artist on Riot Games’ League of Legends).

The series also features a cavalcade of comics’ top creators providing bonus stories and cover artwork. STREET FIGHTER™ RELOADED #1 sports both a 4-page story and cover art by comics legend Joe Madureira (Battle Chasers), while issue #2 includes a bonus story drawn by the fantastic Adam Warren (Empowered) and cover art by the great J. Scott Campbell. Later issues of the mini-series will include bonus stories from great talents like Kaare Andrews, Kevin Lau, and Hyung-Tae Kim.

STREET FIGHTER™ RELOADED #1 and #2 arrive in stores November 2017, with the remaining issues #3-6 releasing every two weeks through December and January. Softcover trade paperback volumes collecting this story arc, and its direct continuation will begin releasing in April 2018.

DETAILS: 32pg, Full Color, $0.99 each


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