Mark Bagley Isn’t Drawing All The Marvel Legacy Primer Pages… It Just Feels That Way

Robbie Thompson is writing all the three page Marvel Primer pages that are running in the back of the upcoming Marvel Legacy not-a-relaunch relaunch pages. But who are drawing them?

Well, Mark Bagley is doing most, including All-New WolverineThe Amazing Spider-ManFalconIron Fist, Jean GreyJessica JonesLuke CageSpider-GwenVenomX-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, with a variety of inkers. But he’s not doing them all. Here are a few other confirmed names.

Avengers by Daniel Acuna.

Spirits Of Vengeance by Anthony Piper.

Royals by Kevin Libranda.

Iceman by Edgar Salazar (though some folk think it’s also byAnthony Piper. Don’t worry, some folk think Iron Fist is by Edgar. There may be some mixups going around.)

And there is the teased possibility that Jaime Hernandez will be doing the pages for America as well…



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