Cult Following: Join Us For ‘American Horror Story’ Episode 2 LIVE-BLOG!

american horror story cult ep 2

Welcome to Cult Following: American Horror Story: Cult E02 – ‘Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark’, Bleeding Cool’s live-blog play-by-play of Tuesday night’s second episode of the horror franchise’s seventh season on FX.

american horror story cult ep 2

I’m going to be throwing-out a ton of thoughts, opinions and random off-topic tangents…so make sure to let me know what you think!

● This page should update…but just to be on the safe side I strongly suggest you refresh every now and then to make sure because I’ve been known to ramble often and quickly.

● If you’re going to social media to talk about what we’re talking about, go with: #bclive and #liveblog.

● While you’re waiting (or if you just need a breather from my raw, uncut cult-of-personality), check-out some cool American Horror Story-related stuff, including: a chance to check-out my video recap of Episode 1: “Election Night;” a look-back at the trailers for the first two seasons of American Horror Story; another round of “Wheel of Impressions,” with Sarah Paulson and Jimmy Fallon; and links to past American Horror Story: Cult coverage on Bleeding Cool.

So that’s it! Check-back here for some interesting stuff…show starts at 10:00pm EST!

You can check-out my video recap of Episode 1: “Election Night” by clicking here.

Here’s a look-back at the trailers for the first two seasons of American Horror Story:

Another round of “Wheel of Impressions” (with Paulson and Fallon) on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

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american horror story cult ep 2

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