You Can Now Play 'Super Mario 64' Online In Co-Op

You Can Now Play ‘Super Mario 64’ Online In Co-Op

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It may not be a true Nintendo project, but if you want to have a little fun with Super Mario 64 beyond the single-player confines, you now have a way. Created by Kaze EmanuarSuper Mario 64 Online is essentially the classic N64 title turned into an MMO. You can have multiplayer inside the game at once, roaming through the castle and having adventures in any of the levels you see in the original game.

As you can see int he video below, a lot of work was put into making a game where the characters from multiple Mario games could pop in and take a presence in the world you see. Yoshi jumps farther, Luigi jumps higher, Wario can take more damage while Waluigi can get a triple jump in. My favorite is a nod to Super Mario Bros. 2 where Princess Peace floats around when she jumps, helping her cover a long section of ground. I actually find Super Mario 64 Online quite fun, and best yet, it’s a free download! If I were you, I’d hurry up and play as much of it as I could before Nintendo comes along with their lawyers to try and shut it down for being cooler than they ever imagined it being. Or in legal terms, copyright infringement.

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