Merchant Mayhem: Self-Made Spotlights & Heavy Hitters, 5 Of The Best From Drag Con NYC

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Danielle Mick writes for Bleeding Cool from Drag Con NYC

There had to have been at least 100 different booths on the floor at RuPaul’s DragCon New York City, jampacked with the hottest fashion trends and nostalgic vibes. I was fortunate to sit down with not one, but five different owners and representatives of some of the latest creations.

1. Planned Parenthood (@plannedparenthood)

There is no denying the fact that this booth was one of the crowd favorites. They seemed to have an overwhelming show of support – tip jar always filled to the top and donation-based pins flying off of the shelf. They were handing out free condoms, stickers, and coloring books with cheeky commentary. All of the representatives at the table were unbelievably kind and willing to answer any question that people may have had. They were located fairly close to the runway, allowing the crowd to keep in time with the music while they discussed politics, safe sex, and their options.

2. Haus of D’Lee (@florencedlee)

As I made my way through the aisles, I couldn’t help but stop at a multi-colored booth with a larger than life personality at its helm. The person was Bryce Turgeon, better known as Florence D’Lee. If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you would know him best from his costume work for our current reigning queen, Ms. Sasha Velour. Before you ask, yes. She made that dress. The one that I’m referring to of course, is the dress that won it all. The final lip sync against Shea Coulee. So Emotional – Whitney Houston. Rose petals EVERYWHERE. We were allowed to take selfies with the dress, actually, which was kind of awe-inspiring to see in person. Prints of original designs were being sold for $30 bucks a pop. Previously worn costumes were being raffled off as well.

3. Abracadabra NYC (@nycabracadabra & @abracosmetics)

If you live in New York, there is a good chance you’ve heard about the well-received costume and magic emporium Abracadabra. They are home to many makeup lines, but they’ve recently released something special: their own line. Yes, you heard it hear folks! Abracadabra NYC is now dabbling in lipsticks and liners, mattes, solids, and glitter glosses, based on your favorite drag queens. There is a large range of shades, perfect for any skin tone. The woman I was speaking with swears that it is long lasting. “I’ve been drinking this since 7 AM and there’s nothing there.” She even showed me her coffee cup for proof.

4. Interlinked Jewelry (F: Interlinked Jewelry)

I had the pleasure of talking to Semira D, owner and artisan of Interlinked Jewelry for an extended period of time. She was quick to make jokes and convince me to try on her personal favorite piece: the dragon tail. “There’s a ritual we do with it. You have to shimmy, shake, and walk.” I did, of course. I strutted all around her booth with a weighted, metal tail around my waist and I felt like some sort of Targaryen royalty. All of the dragon tails that she makes are commissioned and handmade. Head and chest pieces were also up her alley, along with Hogwarts-house based necklaces, and interesting little rings. She’s been making her own armors and accessories for eighteen years, doing it professionally for six, and I think she’s on her way to becoming a great success.

5. Adam J. Kurtz (@adamjk)

I stumbled upon a simple table of journals and books when I was still getting my metaphorical land legs and was greeted by a warm smile and an offer of Sour Patch Kids. I was immediately hooked. Turns out the friendly guy was author, graphic designer, and artist Adam J. Kurtz. He was an absolute joy to talk to and “literally dying” about the arrival of the upcoming release of his book Things Are What You Make of Them. The full color book. “I’m so excited for it to come out,” he exclaimed, unable to stop his grin from spreading. “October 3rd.” The book has already received high praise from Vice, Buzzfeed, Alanis Morissette, and musical duo Tegan and Sara. For every book that is ordered before 10/3/17, a dollar will be donated to the Tegan and Sara Foundation, which is consistently working towards economic, health, justice, and general representation for LGBTQ girls and women. If you are interested in a sample of the work, please click the provided link! Trust me, it’s wonderful.

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