‘It’ Ends Weekend With Mind-Blowing $117 Million Box Office Take

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Heading into its opening weekend, It was expected to make $70 million, breaking box office records for both horror movie opening weekends and openings in September. By Saturday, the film had already shattered those records, earning $13.5 million in Thursday previews and another $51 million on Friday. Accordingly, its weekend estimates were upped to $100 million.

Well, turns out that was underselling it. As the dust settles on this weekend, It is estimated to have earned a whopping $117 million, more than doubling previous records. This also makes the film the second-highest grossing Stephen King movie of all time in just one weekend, beating 1408’s $71.9 million dollar take. It will likely soon beat the current number one Stephen King movie, The Green Mile, which stands at $136.8 million.

And all of this with 175 less theaters than expected due to Hurricane Irma.

And of course, there’s all the people suffering from coulrophobia (fear of clowns and Canadian comedian Dave Coulier) who will never set foot in a theater to see this film.

Not bad, It. Not bad at all. Now we wait for the official Sunday totals to come in… could the estimates be too low one more time?

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