Beat Mugs, Crazy Costumes, And Death Drops At Drag Con NYC — Oh My!

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Danielle Mick writes for Bleeding Cool from RuPaul’s Drag Con NYC,

When I first arrived to RuPaul’s DragCon New York City, I was surprised at the amount of space that there was between booths, having only worked New York Comic Con before. The floor was a rainbow rush of glitter, set pieces, and nods to RuPaul’s Drag Race – complete with catch-phrase themed sections like Stacey Layne Ln and Back Rolls Blvd. Iconic dresses worn by RuPaul herself were hung from the ceiling and charging stations were decorated with rhinestone mirrors in case a quick fix up was needed.

The dedication presented by not only the much-anticipated talent but the fans as well, was unfathomable. I can’t even begin to describe the attention to detail when it came to recreations of well-known looks or the effort put into original pieces. I’ll have you know that I was properly gagging at the architectural shoes, impressive makeup, and the wigs that seemed to defy gravity.

I was expecting the floor to be filthy, as the comments and jokes made by the well-known queens often are, but I was pleasantly surprised to know that the floor was absolutely family friendly, with the exception of a few curse words here and there. The more inappropriate displays were covered and only allowed entrance to those who were above the age of eighteen. There were quite a few children dressed up in big gowns, decked out in fancy wigs, and showcasing their blossoming contour skills.

There were multiple events on the runway that were sure to catch your attention if the drag queen merchandise wasn’t enough. People of all ages took turns twirling, voguing, and twerking their lives away for the entertainment and amusement of the crowd that never seemed to shrink. After lunch, I was thrilled to hear the familiar sound of “Scuze Me” by Lizzo (listen to it if you need a confidence boost, seriously!), only to find myself face to face with a live performance with vocals that easily rivaled the recorded track.

The merchants were super friendly. Genuinely; more than just a “buy my shit!” kind of way. There was something for every person: coloring books, fans, naughty balloons, dolls, jewelry, wigs, gloves, dragon tails, and so. many. Buttons. The queens we came to see were stationed at different locations, all looking drop dead gorgeous, posing in little rooms decorated to meet their aesthetic.

I was shocked by how intimate the press lounge was and appreciative of the water that was provided for us. The talent was located right next to the press area and most of the queens stood around and took turns getting their pictures taken and interviewed free of an allotted time slot. They were all super accessible and very nice. (Which is great because I was SUPER intimidated.)

All in all, I had an amazing first day at DragCon and I can’t wait to see where tomorrow takes me. I wish you could have been there, truly. The creative energy alone is worth the price of the ticket.

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