The Latest DC Versus Pits The Joker Vs Red Hood

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One of the things I really like about the DC Versus videos is that they often make you think of two characters who have never fought nor have any real reason to. Determination and motivation play into any fight and have to be considered. So when you pit Superman vs Captain Marvel, the why matters. Is Superman trying to save Lois Lane or is he being mind controlled into fighting? That makes a big difference. This week’s video has the Joker vs Red Hood and that’s a fight we all know the motivation for. The Joker killed Jason Todd. Okay, comic fans dialing a 900 number killed Jason Todd, but the Joker was the tool they used. And a crowbar was the tool he used. The resurrected former Robin has done a costume that, depending on the origin story, was once worn by the Joker. Todd wants to kill the Clown Prince of Crime. That motivation is very clear.

Joker vs Red Hood

As for the fight itself, it would really come down to what leads up to it. Is this a plot that Joker has laid out? Did he have time to make a plan B, C and D? The Joker may be crazy, but he’s not stupid. Actually he’s quite brilliant and given the time he could probably take out most of the heroes in the DC Universe. But, straight-up hand-to-hand combat should go to Red Hood. The Joker can take a lot of pain and keep going, but Red Hood wants to dish out a lot of pain and keep going. The winner here would be determined by what leads up to the fight rather than by the fight itself.

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