Fake News: ABC Prepping Streaming Service Focused On Single Episode Of Mr. Belvedere

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Taking the evolution of the online streaming industry to the next logical step, ABC has announced plans to launch a brand new streaming service which will consist entirely of a single episode of the 1980s television program Mr. Belvedere.

According to reports, the new service will offer subscribers unlimited access to stream the Season 3 episode G.I. George, in which Wesley asks George to speak to his class about his Korean War stories, only to learn that George made them all up. In one of the episode’s subplots, Mr. Belvedere is offended when Marsha doesn’t ask him to be in a family photograph. Subscribers can stream the episode as many times as they want on up to four different devices.

Plans to launch a single-episode streaming service follow recent plans for Warner Bros to launch its own DC-branded streaming service featuring new programming such as a live-action Titans show and a third season of the prematurely cancelled Young Justice. Disney also recently revealed it would pull all of its videos, including Marvel and Star Wars, from Netflix to launch its own streaming service that will require 32 million subscribers just to break even. Netflix has been concentrating more on original programming than licensing, having sensed the coming fracture of the streaming market years ago.

However, ABC’s new service is the first streaming service to exclusively offer only a single episode of a decades-old television show, and the move is already being praised by industry insiders as a bold new step toward the future of television.

“This is the kind of radical, disruptive thinking that we need in Hollywood,” said a high-ranking industry executive who wished to remain anonymous, though we can reveal that his name may rhyme with Knob Tiger. “Consumers are tired of having to purchase subscriptions to entire collections of content just to be able to watch a small selection of what they paid for. Forcing subscribers to pay for content they don’t want just to get the content they do is what’s causing them to flee traditional cable, and they don’t want to sign up to a streaming service that makes the same mistakes, such as bundling multiple shows or episodes of the same show into a single package.”

“Sometimes things get turned around and no one’s spared,” said another top exec of the cutthroat nature of the entertainment industry. “All hands look out below; there’s a change in the status quo!”

The exec did admit, however, that Hollywood is “gonna need all the help that we can get” to survive the transition intact.

“According to our new arrival, life is more than mere survival,” he remarked, predicting an era of increased prosperity for the industry. “We might just live the good life yet.”

At press time, ABC was targeting a 2018 Q3 launch for the new service, which is expected to be priced at an introductory offer of $7.99 per month.

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