Looking Over The Next Few Updates Coming To ‘H1Z1’ At PAX West

While a lot of the focus in the battle royale genre has been on another title, a lot of eyes have been on H1Z1 to see how Daybreak Games would respond to all the new stuff that’s now in a marketplace that they had previously cornered for a while. I got a chance to visit with some of the devs behind the game and try out the current build that they’re working on with new updates added. One of the biggest issues brought up by current players was load times and RNG. As you can see by the lovely graphic Daybreak provided below, the next update is looking to fix those issues as they’ll be making load times quicker with fewer menus. It also looks like the next few planned updates will include more vehicles to get around, more air drops, better weapons, and an accelerated timeline to have faster matches that aren’t drawn out for 30 minutes.

Speaking of weapons, it appears the weapons system is getting an overhaul of sorts that’s more in-depth than before. Now gun drops will have tiers, as you can see from the diagram below, which will include items you’re familiar with and some you haven’t seen. The AR-15 is only a slight example, as it was indicated to me that the new system will be going in for all guns and some new TBA weapons on the way. Overall, when I tried out the new H1Z1 modifications for myself, I had a lot smoother game experience than before. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about it feels a lot better. I’m chalking all of this up to competition because as the old adage¬†goes, you can only run so fast when you’re running by yourself. H1Z1 has some catching up to do, but I think they’re going to make a good showing of it in the months to come.

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