King’s Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon

Oh the Final Fantasy XV expanded universe. You are the gift that keeps on giving.‬ From Monster of the Deep to pocket edition to this game. King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon has the distinct honor of being the game I nominated for E3’s Game of Show because it was everything we deserved.

And playing it at PAX West just reminded me of all the reasons why, despite King’s Knight being the game within a game from FFXV, you still shouldn’t under-estimate Square Enix’s ability to deliver on absurd promises. Because as dumb as this game is – and it is kind of insultingly simple – it is still… fun.

Yeah, you have limited controls and its basically an eternally scrolling two-stick shooter set in a traditional fantasy setting, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. And even occasionally challenging.

Yeah, it’s a flashy game. The controls are incredibly simple, and its hard to die when you havw four characters to cycle through, but it is still possible and some of the maze challenges have their moments.

It doesn’t help that the screen is constantly scrolling during the mazes, not at all.


I didn’t walk away from King’s Knight being unhappy. I may not have felt the thrill of overcoming absurd odds to beat an impossible challenge, but I did walk away knowing I’d enjoyed my time with the game.

It is the Candy Crush of Final Fantasy games.

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