Difficulty Tied To Skin Color In New South Park Game, And Your Character Can Be Transgender

South Park's upcoming video game to The Stick Of Truth, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, is set to hit stores on October 17th. But the game is already making waves after a video surfaced showing the game's difficulty slider, which changes the player character's skin color along with the difficulty.

Minor early game spoilers follow below.

The news was discovered by Eurogamer during a gameplay video. The site notes that game developers clarified that the skin color/difficulty doesn't affect combat, but affects how much money players receive in the game and how other characters treat them, making privilege integral to the game's mechanics.

In addition, the game allows players to choose between male, female, and other for gender during an in-game interaction which also allows for further selection of cisgender or transgender, all the while reconciling continuity with The Stick of Truth. For choosing transgender girl, the player earns 50 XP. Immediately upon leaving the school, the player is attacked by transphobic rednecks, initiating a profanity and slur-laden combat session.

You can watch the gameplay videos below. The difficulty slider is seen around 5:40 in the first video, while the gender selection occurs around 44:00 in the second.

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