A Simplified MMORPG With 'Ashes Of Creation' At PAX West

Intrepid Studios popped into PAX West with a lot of fire under them as they brought in Ashes Of Creation to the floor. The game actually looked like one of the best MMORPG titles during the entire convention, and the buildup for it has been impressive as there's always something new being mentioned about the game every couple of weeks. What really enticed me about the brief demo I got to try out was the fact that this entire system is much more simplified than others I've played in the past. When I can walk in, know little to nothing about the game itself, and pick it up in about five minutes… that's a damn good MMORPG.

Now don't mistake simplified for reduced, I'm not taking anything away from Ashes Of Creation, it's not like you're playing a game with training wheels on it. When it comes to the button scheme, the equipment, the world and interactions within, dealing with enemies, and casting spells and making attacks—the entire ordeal was a breath of fresh air. I didn't get to play long, but I got to play with a party setup by the devs and experiment with traveling from a town to a couple enemies. But the entire time I was playing I felt like I was in control and not a slave to learning ten different commands in order to just stay alive. I felt active, capable, didn't feel like a burden on my teammates, and was able to effectively take out what they put in my path. I'm really excited to try it out when it finally gets released next year.

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