I Love To Build My Gun In 'Mothergunship' At PAX West

Sometimes you come across a game trope that you just fall in love with all over again, like what we discovered with Mothergunship in the Indiecade Megabooth at PAX West. Created by Terrible Posture Games and Grip Digital, this is essentially a bullet-hell customization game. You'll start by running through levels and killing off all of the enemies in your path, then you'll get to a shop. THe show will allow you, based on the materials you collected, to add onto your gun and enhance it so you can do much more damage.

That may sound very basic, but trust me, the customization is not. There are hundreds of ways you can create a gun to do what you need it to do, in various directions and with massive amounts of ammo. Which you will need because the levels become increasingly difficult and sometimes a pain to navigate until you can clear the room. It still needs a little work, but the options you have available to you in the gun are amazing and are basically a LEGO set for destruction. There's no official release date yet for Mothergunship, but they are aiming for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 sometime next year.

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