A Labor Day Sneak Peek At Some Rob Liefeld Cable Variants?

It’s Labor Day weekend, when working American dudes and dudettes celebrate their contributions to the workforce by grilling meat products and drinking canned beer. Unfortunately, it’s also a slow time for comics and entertainment news. Luckily, superstar artist Sir Robert Liefeld has been hard at work himself, on some radical new artwork featuring Cable and X-Force, which are just what a site like us needs to take our holiday news coverage to the extreme!

“More familiar faces,” Liefeld posted on Instagram this weekend while showing off a glimpse at some Cable art he’s working on. “Deadlines don’t take a holiday.”

It’s another in a series of Cable-related posts Liefeld has been making in the last few days.

“Progress,” Liefeld said while posting a photo of a portion of a a different drawing featuring Cable, Blink, and Shatterstar to Instagram three days ago.

“#xforce #cable #newmutants,” he added, showing off his skills with both a pencil and a hashtag. “#shatterstar #robliefeld #marvel.”

He soon followed that up with another post with shots from that same piece, this one in color and showing X-23, Doop, and Longshot as well.

“Fresh and familiar faces,” Liefeld said. “X-clusive. Available soon.”

Those characters are all from the lineup on Cable after Ed Brisson and Jon Malin take over the book for Marvel Legacy. The “Newer Mutants” storyline begins in Cable #150, and when it was announced back in July, Brisson explained the concept behind the new team:

“In this arc, Cable only knows that someone has leapt to the past and killed a mutant in New Orleans. As he peels back the layers of the case, he starts to understand the larger picture of what he’s against and begins to recruit members based on what he needs to accomplish. The team, consisting of Longshot, Shatterstar, Doop, X-23, Blink and Armor each provide a very important skillset needed to find this killer and stop him or her. You take one of them out of the equation and the mission is doomed.

One of the interesting things in writing this is that we’ve set it in the past, which allows Cable to bring in members who he’s worked with 10, 20, 50 years into the future. He knows that they’re capable of things that they may not even be aware of.”

Of course, Cable #150 features some more Liefeld goodness, the Rob Liefeld Lenticular variant homaging Rob Liefeld!

But from what we’re seeing on Instagram, it looks like there’s some more where that came from. We hope so — the world needs something to hold us over until the sequel to Deadpool: Bad Blood, Deadpool Bad Blood Volume 2: Badder Blood. We’ll keep obsessively following Liefeld’s social media posts until we find out more!

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