FFXV Pocket Edition Is The Cutest Mobile Port We've Ever Seen


Square Enix is porting Final Fantasy XV over onto mobile platforms in the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, and despite being an exact replica of FFXV, it is so worth your notice because of how damn adorable it is.

Just look at it. Look at those idiots pushing the broken down Regalia over to Hammerhead. Notct's emo is absolutely perfect, Prom is every ilm the precious baby that he is, and Gladio still manages to pull of his leather bro attitude despite being pixelated cuteness.

The Pocket Edition was revealed at Gamescom, but damn. That reveal just does not do enough for this game. As much as I acknowledge how utterly redundant it is for me to play this game, I don't care. I will buy it, because I am absolutely that kind of sucker. I can't help it, I just want to save these adorable little idiots from their fate. They're too cute to die. Even Ardyn is a cuter version of himself.

I played around with the pocket edition and could barely hold back the girlish squee noises that I wanted to make the entire demo. I wasn't totally successful, there was a lot of "Oh my god this is so cute, no, Gavin you need to see how cute this is," going on in the press room, but, I hope you can forgive me? (I may have wanted to shriek at Cor's pocket grumpy face, it was just perfect. But, you didn't read that, OK?)

Sure, the port isn't quite a 1:1, since combat had to be altered to fit on mobile, and the game will come in chapters to save you from downloading 120 GB to your iPhone, but damn. Combat is not too different. You lack much of the micromanaging and control, but your pals still use their specials, you still have the ability to cycle weapons, warp, and spam the Armiger.

Boss fights aren't quite the same, but they're similar — you still push the Regalia down to the sound of Florence and the Machine's 'Stand By Me,' and you get the same side-quests. It is all the magic of FFXV, but 1000x cuter and portable. Every single game needs a Pocket Edition now. Every last one.

In case you missed the reveal, the Gamescom trailer is below.

And if you want even more cuteness, here are the rest of the screenshots I have for this. Beware: you may suffer cuteness overload.

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