Staying Cool At Comic Con Palm Springs 2017

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Reporting in from the surface of the sun, Bleeding Cool contributor Jimmy Leszczynski writes on his experiences at Comic Con Palm Springs:

Holy Hades Batman! We pulled up to the Palm Springs convention Center this past Sunday as the Mercury blasted past 110°, but that didn’t stop us from attending the coolest Con this summer. The 2017 Comic Con Palm Springs had so much to offer in the sweltering heat. Outside the convention center there were a handful of really sweet replica cars. I am pretty sure the tires were melting, but it was awesome to get a few shots of these fan made beauties before I melted myself!

Once inside the A/C was basting and we cooled off as if caught in a bear hug from Mr. Freeze. Our fears of over heating were put to rest so we headed out to the show floor . It was actually a little cold at times. It helped to keep moving as there was so much to see.

In addition to panels the event provided several experiences that made the trip worth while. The ZOMBIE MAZE ROOM was an Undead themed escape experience that left me with more chills than I could handle.

 Our first stop, however, was the Stan Lee Museum. A traveling museum that made its first official stop here at Comic Con Palm Springs and did not disappoint. On display was just about everything you could think of from Life sized sculptures of the Avengers, and at least 10 different Iron Man Suits including the Mach 1! Tons of art, some of Stan’s original work and a lot of tribute pieces to “The Man”. Also on display were TV and movie props including Cap’s shield, Wolverines claws, Yondu’s fin, and signed directors chair seat backs from several movies. My favorite had to Lou Ferigno’s face cast from the Incredible Hulk. Excelsior!  This tribute was amazing

We had fun in the LEGO ROOM filled with Lego sculptures built by Cactus Brick, the Arizona Lego User Group. Scale buildings, Star Wars space craft, and portraits are just a sample of what this room had to offer.

SEAN RICH had a room filled with his private collection of real antique Arms & Armor and select shipwreck treasure artifacts. The massive display featured items supplied by Sean and used as props in the Disney Studios franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

There were so many celebrities signing and taking pictures, but we only had time to meet two of them. John DiMaggio had us cracking up doing his Bender and Jake the Dog voices. He even threw in a little Aquaman, which is my favorite of his characters. SpongeBob  was next as we met iconic voice actor Tom Kenny. He also sampled a few voices for us such as the Ice King from Adventure Time and  Squanchie from Rick and Morty. The former is his favorite voice to do, he tells us, because it is easier to do with a sore throat.

What a great day, and there was so much more we didn’t get to see! I have already put the Comic Con Palm Springs 2018 event on my calendar and hope to spend more than one day. Such a cool con despite the blistering heat. After the Costume Contest ended we walked back to the car it had managed to cool off a little.

Thanks for the fun, the laughs, and the sweat stains Comic Con Palm Springs. We’ll be back.


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