The Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Repeats Scenes From Secret Empire #8

We already looked at how Deadpool and Uncanny Avengers show us what happens after Secret Empire #10, also out today. Is it possible that The Mighty Captain Marvel #8 by Margaret Stohl, Michele Bandini, and Erick Arciniega by was planned for a few weeks earlier? Because it does a fine job of representing the same scenes as happened in Secret Empire #8, two issues before the comic out today.

And now we get to compare and contrast how they tell the same scenes. And wonder if Nick Spencer is at least due a dialogue credit…

From Secret Empire #8:

And from today’s The Mighty Captain Marvel #8:

From Secret Empire #8:

Mighty Captain Marvel #8:

The Ultimate Nullifier shield attack, the fail, the subsequent Quasar attack, the success and the destruction of the Chitauri eggs also all follow beat for beat. One might feel a bit cheated reading Mighty Captain Marvel #8 if you had read Secret Empire #8. Though there is one big difference, never mentioned in Secret Empire #8: there’s a bit of a plot hole regarding the absence of such a powerful being as Quasar from the rest of the fight fromĀ Secret Empire #8.

But from The Mighty Captain Marvel #8:

She’s gone. And thus absent from the subsequent Hydra assault…

More on that to come?

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