The Sweetness #5 Now Contains #6, Too, For No Extra Cost

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The Sweetness is a twisted sci-fi comic about intergalactic drug smuggling by husband-and-wife team Miss Lasko-Gross and Kevin Colden, published by Z2 Comics. It is centered on two tough and unconventional women, trying to make a living pushing their mysterious product to alien customers.

It looks like the six-issue series is being curtailed before its time. But rather than leave the readers hanging, or forced to get the final chapter digitally, Z2 Comics is, instead, just adding Sweetness #6 to the back of #5 — but still charging just $3.99 for the now-64-page issue.

Here’s what will be joined together, now for half the price.

(W) Miss Lasko-Gross (A/CA) Kevin Colden
Scout and Nelly set out to deliver the Pseudofrozen convicts to Werthus (the prison planet) but end up trapped by crooked guards who know all about their illicit cargo…
SRP: $3.99

(W) Miss Lasko-Gross (A/CA) Kevin Colden
Nelly and Scout approach their final big score, delivering “The Sweetness” to their buyer at the Smugglers Hub. Unfortunately the ladies are unaware they’ve been double crossed by their employer.
SRP: $3.99

The Sweetness #5 will now be published on September 27th.

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