Nerd Dome Podcast Episode 98: Obi-Wan Movie Y/N?

When I’m not making everyone in our comment sections here mad, I’m on a podcast with a bunch of my close friends out here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Every week we get together and talk about the nerd news that has happened over the week, comics, and a topic for the latter half. We are a not safe for work podcast and all of our opinions are our own. We have a good time and we’d love for you to join us.Nerd Dome Podcast

The Nerd Dome Podcast Episode 98: 3 Way Jedi Phone Call

The big news that we talk about this week is the announcement that we’re getting a solo Obi-Wan film. We get into whether or not this is a good idea eventually but we mostly talk about what we would like to see out of this hypothetical movie. We also get into whether or not this is Lucasfilm and Disney “playing it safe” and why I think an Obi-Wan movie is the most boring idea I’ve ever heard.

We also talk about some news this week including new Star Wars vehicles from The Last Jedi, who we think is going to live and die in the final season of Star Wars Rebels, the “Jessica Jones-esque” Marvel show that’s in development and what we think that could be about, and more.

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