Comicraft's Comic Lettering Font That Detects When To Use Crossbar I's

Industry Shocker: Comicraft Unveils Stunning Lettering Advancement With “Crossbar I” Technology

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In a major leap forward for comic book lettering technology, Comicraft has unveiled its first font featuring their new “Crossbar I” technology.

The font claims to be able to automatically use the crossbar I only in the proper place, which is is to say only when it’s part of the personal pronoun. It’s unclear how Comicraft has managed to pull this off — dark magic would be our assumption — but they’re selling the Yada Yada Upper font on their website right now, so you can try it out for yourself! The Crossbar I technology only works in the Opentype version of the font.

From the website:

“Trapped on a disk they never made…. We recently unearthed the All-Uppercase version of our popular YadaYadaYada font family, originally created for the now-legendary X-MEN: AGE OF APOCALYPSE crossover! Brought from the perilous past into the fearless future, YADA YADA UPPER contains alternate versions of each uppercase letter, and is our very first font to automatically place the CROSSBAR I in exactly the right locations! (Opentype version only)”

The font costs $139, which is roughly six weeks worth of full-time letterer pay by our calculations, but it seems like it would be well worth it just to never have to worry about accidentally using a crossbar I where it doesn’t belong again. Now, we just need to convince Bleeding Cool to buy it for us to use on Improbable Previews. We’d also accept a review copy, Comicraft. No pressure, anyone.

Here’s some more samples:

What are the rest of you still doing here? Go and get Yada Yada Upper w/ Crossbar I technology now.

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