‘The Opposition’ Trailer: Jordan Klepper Exposes The Truth About “China”

opposition jordan klepper trailer

Jordan Klepper is leaving the front lines of The Daily Show to stand as the voice of the opposition. Actually, he’s not just “the voice” but also the host; and it’s not just “the opposition” but Comedy Central‘s new late night comedy-news series The Opposition With Jordan Klepper. And you’ll see from the trailer below, Klepper isn’t afraid to speak his mind and say what needs to be said on a wide range of current events…even if it isn’t popular…or doesn’t make any sense:

On Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump: “The mainstream establishment has poisoned your mind. They say we should investigate Trump. I say, impeach Hillary.”

On China: “They say our children should learn Chinese? I say, China isn’t real. No one I know has, like, ever been there. And I know a ton of people.”

On Who “The Enemy” Are: “What are ‘They’? The enemy. Who’s ‘The Enemy’? They are.”

On Global Warning: “The say global warning is made by man. I say, that’s probably why we earn thirty cents more on the dollar.”

opposition jordan klepper trailer

Speaking at the Television Critics Association’s press tour over the summer, Klepper explained what his inspirations would be for both his character and for the overall comedic tone of the show:

“We’re inspired by the points of view of these alternative media sources, but I think I’m going to pull my character from a handful different points of view. I’m a Midwesterner, and I have a different tone and a different sensibility. So I like to see myself as Alex Jones meets Garrison Keillor.”

opposition jordan klepper trailer

Klepper served as a correspondent on The Daily Show from 2014-2017, working with both past host Jon Stewart and current host Trevor Noah. He is also a former member of The Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade comedy groups. Klepper’s one-hour special Jordan Klepper Solves Guns premiered in June on Comedy Central, examining the issues surrounding gun violence from a number of perspectives.

The Opposition With Jordan Klepper will premiere on Comedy Central September 25 after The Daily Show.

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