The Next Set Of 'Injustice 2' Characters Are Total Game Changers

The Next Set Of ‘Injustice 2’ Characters Are Total Game Changers

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Well, that’s a move you didn’t see coming. Injustice 2 finally debuted the next set of fighters in the DLC pack, and while two of them weren’t all that mysterious, the third was a totally unexpected surprise that is going to get a lot of fanboys excited. First, let’s just get the obvious elephant out of the room. THAT’S HELLBOY!

Not exactly the first character you think of when playing a DC Comics fighting game, as the Right Hand of Doom is a Dark Horse property. (In fact, Hellboy as a series was rejected by DC, but that’s another topic for you to gush over in the comments.) Seeing his appearance in this game is just flat-out insane and I can’t wait to hear the story of how NetherRealm Studios convinced DC and WB Games owner Warner Bros. to get the rights to use him.

The other two Injustice 2 characters were the ones people picked out of the crowd the easiest, so it only makes sense to get them out of the way now and keep people guessing on the last batch. Those two are Black Manta (who doesn’t look like he gives a damn what’s in his way) and Raiden (who has a design unlike any other we’ve seen before). You can enjoy the reveal trailer below, but frankly speaking, Hellboy just probably sold this pack to a lot of people who love the series.

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