Wildstorm's Digital 25th Anniversary Sale Has Prices Straight Out Of The Nineties, 150 First Time Digital Comics

It may not be as perfect a way to celebrate Wildstorm's 25th anniversary as being  a month late… er, two months late… but it'll do.

DC Comics announced a digital sale of Wildstorm comics to celebrate Wildstorm's 25th anniversary. Starting today and running through August 29, the sale includes 200 Wildstorm issues available for just 99 cents. And nearly 150 of those issues will be titles that have never before been legally available in the digital format.

Including almost 150 issues available digitally for the first time ever, fans can experience the universe of WildStorm that showcased masterpieces from creators Jim Lee (WILDC.A.T.S), Warren Ellis (THE AUTHORITY, THE WILD STORM), Garth Ennis (MIDNIGHTER) and more. Individual titles include issues from popular series including GRIFTER, WILDC.A.T.S, STORMWATCH, THE AUTHORITY and many more.

Of course, while the prices may be a throwback, digital comics were little more than a pipe dream back in 1992. Sure, you could download a page on AOL Online, probably, but it would take 40 minutes to transfer over your 14k modem. Just think how many times your modem would have to listen to AOL's modem say "CCCUUUUU-CCCUUUUUCCUUUUUUUUU-WOOOWOOOO-CCZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ-WOOOOZZZZZZ" to transfer all those 90s crosshatches and tight pants crotch lines over the phone.

The Wildstorm digital sale is available across ReadDCEntertainment.com, ComiXology, Kindle Store, Google Play, Nook Store, and Apple iBooks.

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