Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Gave Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld A Very Special Gift

The on-again/off-again bromance between Walking Dead mogul Robert Kirkman and comics legend Sir Robert Liefeld is on again, and in a big way. In an Instagram post Tuesday, Liefeld revealed the details of a very special gift Kirkman gave him.

“My buddy Robert Kirkman called me up and said you need to come up to my office I have something cool for you!!” Liefeld wrote. “What the—!!!”

What was waiting for Liefeld was was so shocking, he was blown away.

“I was shocked and blown away to receive the original painting for Joe Jusko’s Cable painting that homages my X-Force #8 cover!!” he continued, clarifying. “BEYOND THRILLED!”

The painting was recently used as the Marvel Corner Box Variant for Uncanny Avengers #20. Liefeld was so beyond thrilled that he even gave Kirkman’s zombie media empire a shoutout.

“Thank you Robert!” he said. “I will never match these amazing gifts!! And you guys should definitely check out Robert’s show, it’s this little production called #WalkingDead I hear it’s pretty decent!”

We bet a lot of people will be checking out this “Walking Dead” now.

“#robertkirkman,” Liefeld added, so excited he was now speaking in hashtags. “#deadpool #robliefeld #cable #xforce #marvel #image”

Check out the photo below:

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