Tomorrow's Comics Today With Generations Thor And Nightwing's New Order - A Comic Show

Tomorrow’s Comics Today With Generations Thor And Nightwing’s New Order – A Comic Show

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Aaron Haaland writes from A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida,

Hey Fandom! This week is all about Jason Aaron’s Generations Thor, how it leads into Marvel Legacy #1 (and my Jason Aaron store signing!)

Nightwing New Order is similar to Superman Red Son, I enjoyed it and I love Dick, but I can see how some Dick fans could be all like #notmydick. But for me, a world where Batman is murdered by a meta, I can see Greyson snapping and wanting to depower all metas. It’s a story that has my attention.

There are plenty of other books I mentioned as well as my guilty pleasure of the week, Clueless Senior Year!

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